Ubuntu, la distribution facile à installer

Lionel Dricot writes in:

We all know that Ubuntu is the OS my mother would use if… oh well, my mother already uses it! And my father too! But one last piece was missing : a real book for the beginner. A complete “hitchhiker's guide” to Ubuntu, from the installation to Synaptic, with Firefox, Evolution, OpenOffice.org and, of course, the philosophy and the community behind Ubuntu.

So three Ubunteros, Benoit Caccinolo, Lionel Dricot (aka Ploum) and Joyce Markoll decided to do something about it, and wrote the new book in French, “Ubuntu, la distribution facile à installer”.

You can read more about it on the Ploum's blog or read his interview about the book. Of course, it's all in french mes petits amis. He hopes to see translations available soon…


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